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The Modern Day Saddle Mule - Breeding of the American Jackstock by Cindy K. Roberts













This catalogue/directory is for:
  • Proven jacks.
  • Jacks with performance or show record with colts of same.
  • Jacks with proven babies on the ground.
  • Jacks need not be registered - it is encouraged to register your jack.
  • Jacks with sound minds that is passed onto offspring.
  • Jacks with a history of selective breeding.
  • Age of jack is not paramount, only a record of good quality mule colts.

This is an organized effort to develop a full color catalog (and black and white version of the same) to establish, develop and market American Jack Stock; to strengthen the future of the Modern Day Saddle Mule. The book/catalog will be available at minimal cost to registries, riding clubs and commercial equine companies. First publication date: January 1, 2019.

Introductory chapter by Meredith Hodges of Lucky Three Ranch, Loveland, Colorado.


There is a $5.00 charge to cover cost in processing your form and being setup/entered into the jackstock printed directory. Jacks being submitted must have proven offspring on the ground with photos of the offspring. The printed book titled “The Modern Day Saddle Mule – Breeding of American Jackstock” will be available at Amazon Books, Barnes & Noble, Every Cowgirl’s Dream, breed registries, riding clubs and book outlets. [Payment accepted: Check, cash, credit card, Paypal. Make checks payable to Every Cowgirl’s Dream, LLC.]

Click here to download entry form If application is rejected $5 fee will be refunded.
Questons? Contact Cindy K Roberts 314-971-0208 Call or text.

 Phone order/payment call or text 314-971-0208

Notes/comments to Cindy K. Roberts


Thank you for supporting the American Jackstock and mule industry.












































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