Cabo Not Wanting to be Caught on This Day

Check out the video – hilarious.

I decided to change Cabo’s outlook. We moved her to another pasture with 2 other mules in it. This is better than exposing her to a large herd – which was intimidating to her when I first got her.

Now, after “stalking” her with the side-by-side Cabo realizes the gig is up.

So we tie her to the side-by-side to stroll her to the next pasture.

Of course, she is in heat, which brings out the sheninannigans in mare mules.

Author: Cindy K Roberts

Cindy K. Roberts has a lifetime experience with training horses and mules; her obsession began riding the family pony at age 2. She credits her grandfather, Lieutenant Wilton Willmann a sharpshooter and muleskinner of the U.S. Army Cavalry (stationed in Fort Riley, Camp Perry, Fort Leavenworth circa 1924) of gifting her with the insight on mules; and the desire to study and work with them. Cindy is host of Mule Talk! The podcast about mules. She enjoys the western way of life, educating new mule owners in working with their own mules, hosting mule events, and documenting her own adventures to keep the cowgirl spirit alive. Cindy is co-host and Program Director for The Tumbleweed Cowpoke Radio Show on IHeart Radio.