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My name is Cindy Roberts, a lifelong equine handler/trainer, I would like to share my equine skills and knowledge with all mule owners that are facing behavioral and training issues.  information for anyone that desires to have a better understanding about mules, and what makes them click.  I believe that you have to understand the heart and language of the mule and horse before you are able to successfully ask them to do anything. When your mule or horse realizes that you have that ability, it creates a desire within him to want to bond and be with you. They then become confident animals that are willing to perform, work is no longer tedious and school becomes fun for both of you. Their curiosity continues to grow while you have opened a door to a lifetime of their learning. 

Mule Riding Boot Camp w/Cindy K. Roberts $150 per person $100 per 5 or more.
Limited to groups of 10 or less.

Call or text for available dates 314-971-0208

  • Elevate your confidence in trail riding with your mule.
  • Develop that partnership with your mule.
  • Learn how to detect issues before they start.
  • Learn how to read mules.
  • Learn how to think like a mule.
  • Challenge yourself in becoming a successful mule handler.
  • Learn about saddle fit.
  • Learn how to camp and ride with your mule! 

You will receive a Petticoat Mule Riders journal to record your learning experience. 51 pages of journaling, a section for collecting ride contacts and autographs. I want you to take home knowledge that will last you a lifetime.

Helpful info before you haul:

Horse Trailer Tune Up Checklist

Camping and Horses
 (a web site with lots of camping/hauling info)

Contact Cindy K. Roberts call or text 314-971-0208. 


Home MuleBridles Mule Training Store Trail Ride Photos