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Why The Whoa Mule Bridle?

The Whoa Mule Bridle is effective  on mules with nervous habits such as: mouthy behavior, hard mouths, ruined mouths, tongue over bit behaviors, runaways, spooky mules, headstrong mules and more.  An excellent training tool for trainers, mule handlers, trail riders and mule owners.  The Whoa Mule bridle may also be used when starting mule colts.

Often times, the mule is lacking in his foundation training, which is a major factor in mules that lack confidence.  Other times a mule will cleverly raise his head, grab a hold of the bit to take off with a rider to avoid negotiating an object or completing the task at hand; the end result is running away with a rider that no longer has control.  To make matters worse, the rider usually decides to use a more controlling bit or a corrective type of bit that the animal has not been trained to carry in his mouth in the first place.  This actually adds fuel to the fire, because in a matter of time, the mule will learn to grab hold of the bit (that is causing him pain), raise his head and take off again!  Once again, you have a runaway mule that may cause injury to the rider. As I mentioned before, Whoa Mule bridles are good for colt starting too. 

Correct ground manners with the Whoa Mule bridle:

  • Mules that do not want to stand still

  • Mules that do not respect your space

  • Mules that pull on the lead rope or walk off

  • Balking

  • Mules with hard or abused mouths.

  • Mare mules exhibiting undesirable behavior during their heat cycles will benefit from  the Whoa Mule bridle.   

Once you get your mule back under control and riding with a new attitude, you can go back to using a mild or performance bit used in your riding program or keep on using the Whoa Mule Bridle.

Every Whoa Mule bridle comes with a free copy of  Retraining the Hard-Mouth Mule by Cindy K. Roberts.  $20.00 value!

Complete instructions on proper use and how to adjust your bridle is included with your purchase of the Whoa Mule bridle. 

The hardware works underneath the jaw area on the mule.  When rein pressure is applied, the hardware applies pressure underneath the jaw working in conjunction with the noseband that pulls the mule's nose back down to where it should be.

This is an effective piece of equipment to use in your training program.  Once your mule has overcome his bit behavior issues, you can go back to use a bit that your mule likes or keep on using the Whoa Mule Hackamore bridle.  More mules prefer using the Whoa Mule Hackamore bridle over having a bit placed in their mouth.  Read how mule riders/handlers have benefited from using the Whoa Mule bridle!  Video on how to get proper fit of your Whoa Mule Bridle.

Hi Cindy, You sold us these Whoa Mules. And I just wanted to say thank you. These are amazing products. Mine and my wife's mules would shake there heads violently with a bit. And with these, there is no shaking at all. And the control is amazing with it. ~John Wallace


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