All decisions of the official judge are final. We reserve the right to correct any errors on the show bill prior to the event being held.

INHUMANE TREATMENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED: This rule applies to anyone on the show grounds. Inhumane treatment of any mule or donkey or any other animal on show grounds is strictly prohibited. For purposes of this rule, a person responsible for the care of an equine is also responsible for and may be disciplined for the inhumane conduct of his/her trainer(s), agent(s), representative(s), and employee(s). For violation of this rule, abusers will be expelled from show grounds. Proper care of all the animals is expected. 

1.) Required: Current Negative Coggins Test within twelve (12) months.
2.) Each rider-handler must have a number to enter an event.
3.) Youth Division, a mule may enter a speed event more than once with a different rider.
4.) Adult and Senior Divisions, a mule or donkey may enter an event only once. A rider may ride more than one mule.
5.) Points: 1st Place = 5, 2nd Place = 4, 3rd Place = 3. 4th Place = 2, 5th Place = 1. 
6.) A belt buckle will be awarded to the High Point Mule Overall and High Point Donkey Overall.
7.) Novice classes defined: contestants with 1 year or less in showing their mule or donkey. Novice: Rider or Handler (novice) to have not won 3 first place placings prior to this show. These classes are for beginners and new to showing. Honor system applies. Novice applies to the Rider or Handler only.
8.) Western Pleasure – walk, trot, lope (in both directions) rein-back when requested during lineup.
9.) Pattern Class will require - to walk, trot, lope, backing up, and side-pass.
10.)  Donkeys only classes – walk, trot only.
11.) Mules only classes – walk, trot, lope, unless stated otherwise. 

Our goal at Henryetta Mule and Donkey Days is to offer an event that the entire family will enjoy. Your participation and contribution is greatly appreciated. We encourage input from you as a competitor, exhibitor, or spectator; we’d love to hear from you!

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