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Advice for Fat Men:
Do Not Ride Double On A Little Mule

Humorous, true stories of life in the saddle and all the stuff that goes on around the manure pile by Cindy K. Roberts! 206 pages that will keep you in stitches.  Each chapter is filled with the cowgirl spirit that will tickle you in all the right places.Inspirational stories from matters of the heart on will and courage.

Witty and cleverly written stories that have been grouch tested.Unbelievable, true tales of adventure from author's experiences on trail rides, travels and mule training. 


I sure am a horse fan. I never thought much about mules until I read “Life Lessons in the Saddle and Around the Manure Pile” by Cindy K Roberts. Her book really opened my eyes to the interesting, albeit chaotic, world of riding mules. She kept me in stitches telling about the antics of Cash and Rawhide. Cantankerous, mischievous, deceptive, as they were; they were also surefooted, game for a run and a reliable mount (most of the time according to Cindy). Her stories are too true to be made up. 
Cindy's wonderful story style is full of twists and turns, brays and farts, some sophomoric humor and just down right riveting to read. Amongst the humor she weaves the reality of caretaking, training and living with what seems to be the apple of her eye in the animal world.
There are some chapters dedicated to real life people; the admiration and love shows through eloquently. Cindy knows the people she writes about and isn’t afraid to express her feelings about her friend Melissa Phillips, to her various gang of brush and mountain riders or those who only act like they know anything about mules or even horses.
Her style flows while you are captured by Cindy's emotion. She thrusts you into the action so much that you experience being face down in the mud or chasing after a loose mule. Her tales, of course, fit perfectly around the campfire, over a beer at the end of the day and even in Vegas as a stand up routine. Good job, cowgirl. ~Ron Secoy - Cowboy Poet/Author

"Cindy, I just finished reading Life Lessons In The Saddle & Around the Manure Pile.  I love your informative and funny way of writing. Your wealth of experience is so very valuable."   J. Bunch, Operations Mgr. IBM Emerging Internet Technologies Group

"I read the book twice.  I couldn't stop laughing - my sides hurt so bad."  Trainer, Paul Mareschal P&J Performance Horses

I have now read your book, Cindy, in no more than a couple of sittings. I couldn't put it down! It's wonderful! You're a real writer; I thought it was all fantastic stuff. I loved it. And so many great pictures on virtually every page. I was hooked right from the first tale of the pony who closed the gate behind him. Loved the stuff about Moose, and about the greenhorns. Your stories fascinated me; all the things you had to do out in the wild, how enterprising you are. This is a book I shall cherish. Thank you so much, Michael Gray - London, UK

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