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The Desperados Cookbook & Guide To Common Sense by Cindy K Roberts - Published by Every Cowgirl's Dream

$15.50 free shipping - Click here to order!

The Desperados Cookbook & Guide To Common Sense Recipes and Protocol For The Modern-Day Saddle Tramp

174 pages of good cookin' and straight-shootin' advice on:

  • The art of romance and how to go courtin'
  • How to handle the in-laws
  • How to handle the busybody 
  • Lady Rhinestone's advice on gossip
  • Kick-butt advice on how to handle obnoxious relatives

Ass Kickin' Ranch Burgers & Cheeseburger Pie

Advice on Heavy Perfume At The Dinner Table

Lady Rhinestones Advice on Being Young At Heart

Published by Every Cowgirl's Dream