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How To Measure

Mules are typically broader in the forehead, compared to a horse's head.  This is why horse headstalls do not give adequate or comfortable fit to a mule.  Physically and mentally, the mule is a different animal all together.  Understand that tight fitting headstalls will often contribute to a mule developing ear shyness, of not wanting his ears touched; poor fitting tack will encourage behavior problems to develop within your mule.  You want to give your mule the advantage, if you mule is comfortable wearing his tack, chances are he will be a willing partner on the trail. 

This information is for you to consider when purchasing any headstall/bridle for your mule:  

Measure for the brow band from just to the left of the left ear to just pass the right ear as shown in A - B.  A properly fitted browband should be comfortable; just loose enough to get two fingers under the measuring tape. 

For the Whoa Mule Bridle, measure for the nose band around the mule's nose (see letter C) this is typically where the halter nose band rests. The circumference of the mules noseband minus 2 inches for the hardware piece is the measurement I need. After you recieve your bridle, ideally you should be able to fit two fingers underneath the noseband when properly fitted.  

 Complete instructions on proper use and how to adjust your bridle is included with your purchase of the Whoa Mule Hackamore. 

The hardware works underneath the jaw area on the mule.  When rein pressure is applied, the hardware applies pressure underneath the jaw working in conjunction with the noseband that pulls the mule's nose back down to where it should be.

This is an effective piece of equipment to use in your training program.  Once your mule has overcome his bit behavior issues, you can go back and use a bit that your mule likes, or keep on using the Whoa Mule Hackamore bridle.  Most mules prefer using the Whoa Mule Hackamore bridle over having a bit placed in their mouth. 

However, please note that not all mules are a candidate for the Whoa Mule hackamore. I want you to be succesful in working with your mule, and I want your mule to be happy in the bridle, please feel free to call or text me at 314-971-0208.

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