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How to properly measure your mule's head for a bridle/headstall.

Mules are typically broader in the forehead, compared to a horse's head.  This is why horse headstalls do not give adequate fit to a mule.  Tight-fitting headstalls will often contribute to a mule developing ear shyness, not wanting his ears touched.  If your mule is comfortable wearing his tack, chances are he will be a willing partner on the trail.  Ill-fitting tack will cause problems to develop with your mule simply because he is reacting to pain/discomfort.


  • To measure for the noseband: measure around the mule's nose around the protruding bone. Then deduct 2 inches - this is your circumference measurement for the Whoa Mule noseband/bit. There will be times, you will want to adjust your headstall so the noseband drops down - take this into consideration when measuring. 

  • Just so you know, "bit to bit" measurement is from the corner of the mule's mouth over the mule's poll (behind the ears) and down to the corner of the mule's mouth on the opposite side. When ordering a headstall, keep this in mind. 

  • A good tip to know - measure for the throat latch around the poll and under the jaw allowing 4 of your own fingers to fit inside this measurement.  You want to allow for some room. This is just for your information when ordering a headstall with a throat latch.

  • Another tip: Measure for the browband from just to the left of the left ear to just pass the right ear for bridles with browbands.
    Measure from A to B for the appropriate length of the browband. It should be loose
    enough to get two fingers under the measuring tape.

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