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Bosal or Hackamore – Explain the difference

The bosal hackamore (pictured right) does not have any hardware on it. Young colts  are started with the bosal and when the colt is ready to take a bit then the trainer will usually move him on up to a snaffle. 

Now, what is a bosal used for? A bosal is used to allow the rider to work on establishing soft hands and encourage the animal to become more flexible in its neck.

It is the noseband to be used in a hackamore setup.  Young, green animals often begin their training in a bosal because they have a sensitive mouth. The bosal “saves” the equine's mouth since there is no pressure on it.

The Whoa Mule Bridle (pictured left) has a piece of hardware in the shape of a spoon that will apply pressure underneath the jaw when rein pressure is applied. In order to get relief, the mule must lower his head and work more in the bridle - when the mule gives to the rider, then the rider releases the pressure by giving back to the mule. This is ideal communication that enables the mule to work in the bridle and to be happy in the bridle. The Whoa Mule Bridle is to be used as a training aid. It is a tool that enables the rider to work through issues that come up in his/her training program. It is a not a device to be used with heavy hands. It is not designed to be used as punishment. The book, "Retraining the Hard-Mouth Mule" by Cindy K Roberts explains in detail how to fit the bridle to your mule or donkey. It also explains how to introduce the Whoa Mule Bridle and how to use it in your own riding program.   Click here to order your Whoa Mule Bridle.

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