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Confidence Training for the Western Saddle Mule 3rd edition by Cindy K. Roberts

Published by Every Cowgirl's Dream

 Confidence Training For The Western Saddle Mule

 Four Stars July 31, 2015

Lots of good advice and information delivered in an easy read.

  • Is your mule insecure when riding alone?
  • Afraid to ride in a group?
  • Does your mule buck? Rear up?
  • Does your mule bolt when frightened?
  • Does your mule use evasion tactics?
  • Pull-on the reins/bridle or get above the bit?
  • Does your mule shy or spook on the trail?
  • Afraid of his own shadow?
  • Does your mule refuse to load into the trailer?

Take a sneak peak at these pages.

Introduction Table of Contents   Correct Saddle Fit for Mule & Rider 

  Understanding the Mule's Thought Process and more!

Reviews Confidence Training For The Western Saddle Mule

 Great book July 23, 2016

I loved this book. Not only is she a good writer she knows mules. I have my first mule ( had horses) now. Wanted to make sure she's trained properly, don't want problems. If you want to train your mule right. I highly recommend this book.

Review from Mules and More Magazine:

Confidence Training for the Western Saddle Mule by Cindy K. Roberts is a good book for anyone interested in furthering their mule training education from handler to trainer to rider.  She shows that with time, patience, and these techniques it is possible to fix our mules' problems.

It is one thing to read about how to fix these problems but it is another to see how it is actually done. That is why I really like the step-by-step photos showing Cindy implementing these techniques, like how to desensitize and trailer load. 

She does not just cover training though.  There is an extensive chapter on nutrition, which will enrich your knowledge about your mules' hay, feed, and supplements along with emphasizing the importance of saddle, pad and, bridle fit. 

Through quotes from other trainers, plus plenty of her own knowledge, Cindy shows you how to have a confident, well-trained mule that wants to please you.