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Published by Every Cowgirl's Dream. Click on the book cover for  more info.

The Mule Behavior Problem Solver

Contributors, Meredith Hodges, Steve Edwards, Tim Doud, Chris French, Red& Julie Wycoff with Cindy K. Roberts make this a thorough and well written book about addressing mule behavior issues especially with saddle mules.  270 pages, 81/2 x 11 full color.

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Answers To Your Mule Questions
by Cindy K. Roberts

6x9 book180 pages - "Wonderfully informative book about mules in an easy to pick up and read format. We had our first mules and needed some good advice and found it with this book. We have had horses for a while, but we knew there would be differences; this book gave us lots of guidance. The author's website is also a great reference, with lots of funny stuff too. Bookmark it in your Favorites."  Beth Bell 

Confidence Training For The Western Saddle Mule
by Cindy K. Roberts

7x10 book - 203 pages perfect bound.  Visual instructions on how to school the mule to raise his confidence level. Exercises designed for the mule in the roundpen and on the trail. Includes nutrition requirements for the mule, physical and environmental issues that affect a mule's confidence. Written for the mule handler, trainer and rider.

Retraining the Hard-Mouth Mule
by Cindy K. Roberts

  • Achieve Communication With Your Mule
  • Training with the Whoa Mule Fast Stop Hackamore
  • Reinforce Whoa In Your Mule
  • Develop Lightness
  • Controlling the Hindquarters
  • Retraining For Mules With Hard Mouths

This book is free with
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Full Color 7x10

Training The Hard To Catch Mule
by Cindy K. Roberts

Details on a logical approach to connect, form an equine partnership and bond with your mule. The book covers how a mule sees, hears, smells, and feels sensations in his world; learn what drives him to being the cautious animal that he is. Excellent training book for mule handlers wanting to learn the physiological aspects of the mule.

How To Buy A Mule & Not Get Screwed

8 1/2 x 11 


The Performance Bred Saddle Mule/

Breeding of American Jackstock & Jennies

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