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My name is Cindy Roberts, head honcho and developer of Every Cowgirl's Dream. My web site is a passionate testimony to my equine skills and knowledge that is useful to mule owners that are facing behavioral and training issues with their own animals. Here, you will find my published mule training articles along with my mule training books.  Every Cowgirl's Dream web site is excellent information for anyone that desires to have a better understanding about mules, and what makes them click.  I believe that you have to understand the heart and language of the mule and horse before you are able to successfully ask them to do anything. When your mule or horse realizes that you have that ability, it creates a desire within him to want to bond and be with you. They then become confident animals that are willing to perform, work is no longer tedious and school becomes fun for both of you. Their curiosity continues to grow while you have opened a door to a lifetime of their learning.  If I can assist you in anyway, I'd love to hear from you.  Enjoy and keep riding!

Mule wrecks are a setback for the rider and the mule.  Chances are your mule was sending signals to you in his usual subtle way and you missed his message.  I'd love to assist you, build on your confidence and help you to develop that partnership between you and your mule. Call or text Cindy K. Roberts 314-971-0208.

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Cindy, I got the rope halter (as you suggested) and with just a little tug on the lead rope my mule followed along with no issues!!!! No more chain under the chin!  Amazing!!!  I am able to catch her, with your suggestions, she is always in a smaller area when I know we will ride, otherwise I'd be chasing in acres of pasture.  I am so happy!!  Your books make so much sense and are easy to read--I have 3 of them.  I love my sweet mule!!

Thank you again!!

Sandy McGuire

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