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Why the Whoa Mule Bridle? Incorrectly fitted horse bridles will irritate a mule;  it will also will develop ear shyness in mules.

The Whoa Mule Bridle is effective  on mules with nervous habits such as: mouthy behavior, hard mouths, ruined mouths, tongue over bit behaviors, runaways, spooky mules, headstrong mules and more.  An excellent training tool for trainers, mule handlers, trail riders and mule owners. 

Often times, the mule is lacking in his foundation training, which is a major factor in mules that lack confidence.  Other times a mule will cleverly raise his head, grab a hold of the bit and take off with a rider to avoid negotiating an object or completing the task at hand; the end result is running away with a rider that no longer has control. 

To make matters worse, the rider usually decides to use a more controlling bit or a corrective type of bit that the animal has not been trained to carry in his mouth in the first place.  This actually adds fuel to the fire, because in   a matter of time, the mule will learn to grab hold of the bit (that is causing him pain), raise his head and take off again!  Once again, you have a runaway mule that may cause injury to the rider.  

The Whoa-Mule Bridle

I don't sell snake-oil. I don't promote quick-fixes to mule issues. ​​​ I sell the Whoa Mule Bit/Bridle to work with riders/handlers with educated hands. That's why I wrote the book, "Retraining the Hard-Mouth Mule" which comes with your purchase; not every mule is a candidate for the Whoa Mule Bit/Bridle. Every mule is unique and they deserve to be schooled and used in their best capacity.

~ Cindy K. Roberts 

Once you get your mule back under control and riding with a new attitude, you can go back to using a mild or performance bit used in your riding program or keep on using the Whoa Mule Bridle.


Dear Cindy, Thank you for the amazing Whoa Mule Bridle! My mule, "Sparkle" was rescued from a kill pen and came with numberous evasive behaviors. This bridle is ideal for us. I wanted to share with you - we modified the lariat noseband and used a braided parachute cord in place of it. Thank you again for this fabulous piece of tack! Lynda E. Perry, DVM 

Dear Cindy,

 My mule is a BRAT.   Disrespectful, hard-mouthed, and I absolutely HATE riding her.   We spent our entire last ride going in circles because every time we walked a straight line, she tried to bolt.  I was ready to take her to the sale barn. 

 Until I put my new Whoa Mule bridle on her this weekend. 

 The change in her was INCREDIBLE.   

 Of course, she had to test it out.   She tried bolting 4 times. But she didn’t get any further than tensing and starting to spin. A few ounces of pressure with my reins and she was back in the palm of my hand again. 

 I actually LIKE her now!  And I am getting ready to go out to ride her for the THIRD DAY IN A ROW.  I am enjoying my mule for the first time, thanks to this phenomenal bridle!

 I’m getting such amazing results with it that I decided to try it on my other mule. She is a lovely 16 hand Tennessee Walking mule who absolutely hates having a bit in her mouth. 

 She puts her tongue over the bit, around the bit, and under the bit. By the end of a ride both she and I are frustrated and ready to be done. 

 So I put my new Whoa Mule bridle on her. It took her about 15 minutes to adjust to it, and then she absolutely LOVED it!!

 No more hanging her tongue over the bit and out the corner of her mouth while throwing her head around.  No more frustration for either of us. Just a wonderful, gentle ride that we BOTH enjoyed immensely. 

 Thank you SO MUCH for this life-changing bridle!!

 Because of it, I am enjoying my mules again. ❤️

 Best wishes,


Hi Cindy, I purchased your bridle this spring for my donkey gelding & I wanted to thank you for such a useful tool.

He readily 'tacks himself' with this headstall & I believe this has made him more conscious of responding my leg/seat aids first & keeping me off his 'nose/rein aids'.

The bridle with the special clip (so there is less hassle with sliding with his ears) is also a blessing. (He has come from an abuse situation with ear scars, so although I can handle his ears I prefer to respect his ears when bridling. Then the relaxation exercises of stroking/scratching his ears when he offers his head is even more apparent as reward/bonding.

If we have a day where undesired neck-bracing comes back into play, the bump-bump of the bridle & aids makes it easier to re-establish the release of pressure reward.

For people such as myself who are just learning to use this aid I do suggest going slowly & learning how powerful it can be. I actually introduced it for only a few minutes on the ground in the beginning with a sheepskin cover on the noseband. Now we can ride easily without the sheepskin cover on trails for hours. It was very important for me to understand how it functioned & felt to both of us.

I also appreciate the tips on making the bridle fit. I used the tape trick to lessen the noseband size, and took the throat latch off & replaced it with soft rope since his head is smaller than most riding mules.

I have been able to use a loose rein with this aid as he quickly understood the alternative. In the beginning I was afraid I'd hurt him, so it was one of the reasons I needed to go slow & easy to feel the smallest tries were being offered. I'm not tremendously skilled & I have probably contributed to his bracing at different bits or ignoring aids.

The fact that he puts his nose into position for bridling makes it clear to me he's happy with this choice & ready to get out in the trails!

Thank you,  Nancy & Yogi

Hi Cindy, You sold us these Whoa Mules. And I just wanted to say thank you. These are amazing products. Mine and my wife's mules would shake there heads violently with a bit. And with these, there is no shaking at all. And the control is amazing with it. ~John Wallace


We got your book for Christmas last year.  Got your Whoa Mule bridle set up in the summer but did not try it till yesterday. We own a draft/mule cross fella named “Griz”.  He was used as a pack only mule for several years so it was a real challenge to train. We purchased and tried most everything but he is so strong and we had little success. We really did not want to give up on him because he is so good with the exception of brakes. You made our day yesterday! Finally got around to trying the “ Whoa Mule Bridle” and was amazed, just could not believe how simple and effective it is.  Griz and us are happy campers and are looking forward to this coming season in the mountains! Thank you, Tim and Julie Larocco Bend, Oregon

Cindy, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I am with the Whoa Mule bridle. Haven't used it on my green mule, yet, but used it on my 21YO john and he went beautifully in it. He was light as a feather and actually neck reined! This is a mule who would take his sweet time stopping. Not anymore. He was great. And, he never once tried to snatch a bite to eat. I rode him on a loose rein, and he was just wonderful. Very happy.   ~ Paula Howe

Hi Cindy,

Thanks Cindy for getting me the Whoa Mule Hackamore so quickly.  I appreciate your efforts to ship to me here in Switzerland. Here is a picture of the bridle on my Ruth.  Just what I am looking for at this stage of training!  Thank you for making yourself available to me if I have any questions.  The instruction book is very informative and let's you get started the right way from the beginning.  I do appreciate the quality of the bridle and the fact that it is roomy through the brow band area. I taped off the ends like you suggested and I wrapped sheepskin across the nose band. Thanks so much and I will keep you posted on our progress. Best regards, Jan

Cindy, just thought I would let you know that the new hack is perfect! Did not have to make any changes to the size of the rope and works wonderfully! He loves not having anything in his mouth and we trail rode the other day and he had floppy ears the whole time. So happy. Having worked him a lot at home in a rope halter first [from info in your book Retraining the Hard Mouth Mule] has helped.  He is already responding to very soft requests. What an awesome thing you have discovered and thanks for sharing! Love it! ~Angela D. Knoxville, TN

Cindy, I worked my mule in the arena with the 25 inch Whoa Mule bridle and it was amazing how much more control I had!  Turning her was a breeze! My mule tried the usual of dipping her head down to do a buck and one snap on the rein with my Whoa Mule bridle and that put a stop to that! Thank you for being honest and working with me. ~Renee Miller, Hector, AR

Cindy, I wanted to tell you how much I love my new bridle.  It fits my mule perfectly and it's just what we needed!  The leather quality is absolutely perfect. I couldn't have asked for a nicer bridle and I know, because it works!  I also appreciate you speaking with me the multiple times I called with questions.  Excellent service!  Thank you!  Kerry Kelly, Florida

Cindy, I just wanted to thank you for my Whoa Mule Fast Stop Hackamore! I spent this past winter/spring “starting over” with my 14-3 draft cross mule. Since he started out life as a pack mule, he really didn’t get the complete gist of this “rider thing” and I had been having big-time  runaway mule problems.  Now, I have to tell you, Sherman has a neck like a stump and it’s just about as pliable as one too, he has the nasty tongue over the bit habit and will just grab the bit and away we’d go! Your hack has really been a great tool for us in our training—actually has saved my  biscuits on no less than 3 occasions! Sherman is responding well to his new hack, now, instead of a complete full-blown runaway, I can get him under control by his third “full lunge” forward. Getting this far didn’t happen overnight and you can’t substitute good old-fashioned training, but this hack has been a real lifesaver for me so far! Thanks again, Jayme Christine & Sherman

Cindy, thanks for sending the Whoa Mule bridle.  I've been a horse person all my life, this is my first mule.  Much to our surprise he was very responsive with flexing already.  The noseband will need to be adjusted but he did well today.  Thanks for your support.  ~Travis Swift, Oklahoma