Life Lessons In the Saddle & Around the Manure Pile

Life Lessons in the Saddle & Around the Manure Pile

A collection of humorous horse and mule tales by Missouri cowgirl, Cindy K Roberts. Adventurous, true stories that took place on the trail, around the barn, and written straight from the heart. Hilarious recollections of mule antics that will keep you in stitches. Mule wrecks, stampedes, hair-raising stunts, and more! Available at Amazon – paperback or instant download! Life Lessons In The Saddle & Around The Manure Pile: Mule Tales of Whimsy from a Mid-Western Cowgirl: Roberts, Cindy K, Laura, Bronco: 9781469921105: Books

The Mule Behavior Problem Solver

Meredith Hodges, Steve Edwards, Tim Doud, Red & Julie Wycoff, Chris French, and Cindy K. Roberts discuss behavior issues. Over 60 behavior issues are addressed and how to retrain the mule to be safe and confident in his work. Complete information from professional mule trainers that addresses vices or undesirable habits developed in the mule due to ineffective or poor training. A thorough account of mule behavior, proper saddle fit, bridle fit, selecting bits, appropriate tack, and more! Excellent resource for the equine library.

  • 270 pages, full color 8 1/2 x 11 Book

Order here from Amazon Books: The Mule Behavior Problem Solver: How Mules Think, Learn and React: Roberts, Cindy K, Hodges, Meredith, Edwards, Steve, Doud, Tim, Wycoff, Red & Julie, French, Chris, Fergason, Lisa, McCue DVM, Patrick M: 9781481295024: Books

Mule Girl Shenanigans

A collection of comical barn stories, mule antics, and tales of adventure with a humorous twist that will tickle your funny bone! Grouch tested; highly recommended for those with constipation. Add this to your collection for outhouse reading. (wink) Available in paperback and download: Mule Girl Shenanigans: Entertaining Tales That Will Delight Any Horse or Mule Girl: Roberts, Cindy K: 9798443202372: Books Published by Every Cowgirl’s Dream.

Training the Hard To Catch Mule

Details on a logical approach to connect, form an equine partnership, and bond with your mule. The book covers how a mule sees, hears, smells, and feels sensations in his world; learn what drives him to be the cautious animal that he is. Learn how to read your mule, proper approach, gentling; discover the mindset of the mule to strengthen your partnership. Excellent training book for mule handlers wanting to learn the physiological aspects of the mule.

Available here to order: Training the Hard to Catch Mule – 4th Edition: A Logical Approach on How to Connect With Your Mule: Roberts, Cindy K: 9781790161461: Books

Confidence Training for the Western Saddle Mule

Proven Techniques for the Trail Riding Mule! Retraining Apprehensive & Insecure Mules, Becoming the Confident Mule Rider Includes Training Through Feel, Assessing Your Mule’s Skill Level Factors Contributing To The Unconfident Mule Physiological Needs — Nutrition, Correct Saddle Fit For the Mule & Rider, Correct Saddle Pad Fit For the Mule, Proper Fit of the Bridle, Bits & Their Uses, Hackamores & Their Uses, Nosebands, Draw Reins, Martingales & Their Uses, Leg Wraps & Their Uses, Understanding The Mule’s Thought Process, Obstacle Training, Desensitizing, Trailer Loading, How The Reward System Works For The Mule, Becoming the Confident Mule Rider, Riding on Multiple Use Trails, Meeting Real Challenges on the Trail & MORE!

Available in paperback: Confidence Training for the Western Saddle Mule: Roberts, Cindy K: 9781729371749: Books

The Naked Truth About Mules & Donkeys

Mule myths and untruths regarding the mule and donkey are dispelled, offering a thorough explanation of the origin and the true logical answer. Logical training methods are explained to develop the mule into a safe and willing partner on the trail. Quirks explained the mule’s perspective from his world, in full color. Available in paperback and Kindle download. The Naked Truth About Mules & Donkeys: Myths, Legends & Falsehoods Revealed: Roberts, Cindy K: 9781542984935: Books

Thinking about owning a wonderful mule or donkey? Do you want an inside look at those loving and very capable long ears February 25, 2017 Have you ever contemplated the facts versus fiction on mules and donkeys? Author, Cindy K Roberts writes not only about her involvement but also shares other skilled mule owners and trainers’ hands-on experiences. You will find many owner testimonies and gorgeous photos of beautiful mules and donkeys that debunk those “falsehoods”! A highly recommended read for a comprehensive guide to the inside of those wonderful mules and donkeys.

  • Title: “The Naked Truth About Mules & Donkeys”
  • Author: Cindy K Roberts
  • Publisher: Every Cowgirl’s Dream
  • Color: Full Color
  • Availability: Available on Amazon
  • Key Points:
    • Myths and Facts: The text presents various myths and facts about mules and donkeys.
      • Myths:
        • A mule or horse cannot buck if you have a piece of broom handle clamped down under their tail.
        • Mules will hold a grudge.
        • A mule won’t hurt himself.
        • Mules will kill your children.
        • You can’t overload a mule.
        • Mules can’t compete at Mounted Shooting.
        • Mules won’t neck rein.
        • The only way to talk to a mule is to curse at ’em.
        • A mule picks you (when buying) and if he doesn’t, you are really in for it.
        • A mule will wait ten years to get even or kick you.
        • Mules are not fast.
        • Mules don’t have a heart like a horse.
        • Mules do not need shoes.
        • Mules are sterile.
        • Mules aren’t forgiving.
      • Factual Information:
        • The book provides an inside look at mules and donkeys, debunking common misconceptions.
        • It includes owner testimonies and gorgeous photos of these animals.
        • Recommended for those interested in understanding the truth about mules and donkeys.

Results from Web:

  • Author’s Perspective: The author, Cindy K Roberts, shares her own experiences with mules and donkeys.
  • Other Owners and Trainers: The book also features insights from other skilled mule owners and trainers.
  • Debunking Myths: The text aims to dispel falsehoods and myths surrounding mules and donkeys.
  • Comprehensive Guide: A highly recommended read for anyone interested in learning more about these wonderful animals.

Summary: “The Naked Truth About Mules & Donkeys” provides factual information, owner testimonies, and beautiful photos to debunk common myths and offer a comprehensive guide to understanding these remarkable creatures. 🐴🐾


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