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THE MULE BEHAVIOR PROBLEM SOLVER published by Every Cowgirl's Dream


Meredith Hodges, Steve Edwards, Tim Doud, Red & Julie Wycoff, Chris French, and Cindy K. Roberts discuss behavior issues. Over 60 behavior issues are addressed and how to retrain the mule to be safe and confident in his work. Complete information from professional mule trainers that addresses vices or undesirable habits developed in the mule due to ineffective or poor training. A thorough account of mule behavior, proper saddle fit, and bridle fit, selecting bits, appropriate tack, and more! Excellent resource for the equine library.

270 pages, full color 8 1/2 x 11 Book

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Foreword by the late Sue Cole of Mules & More Magazine

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Table of Contents
(Over 60 behavior issues listed!)
Hard To Bridle
(By Steve Edwards)
 Pulling Back While Tied
(By Red & Julie Wycoff)
(By Meredith Hodges)
Refusing To Cross Bridges
(By Chris French)
Catching Hold of The Bit
(By Cindy K. Roberts)
Training Your Mule to Accept Dogs
(By Tim Doud)

"The Mule Behavior Problem Solver is a compilation of training methods told in the own words of some of the top breeders and trainers America has to offer.  It is a Godsend to those who may have a glitch in their mule (or donkey) and just need a little advice from an expert.  Chock full of photos of the methods in use makes it a great teaching guide and one every muleskinner will want in his or her library!  A hearty well done to all participants!" 

~Deb Kidwell, author, feature writer for Western Mule Magazine and owner of Lake Nowhere Mule and Donkey Farm

"Mrs. Roberts,"  I received the Mule Behavior Problem Solver about a month ago.  Since then I have read it cover to cover twice and some chapters more than that.  It is easy to read and understand even for a novice like myself.  The pictures are excellent.  I like that you used six different trainers and I can use the different techniques to suit my mule.  I wish that I had this book thirty years ago. 
Thanks ~ Tom McFarlane

Meet the trainers!

Lucky Three Mule Ranch - Meredith Hodges
PO Box 272490, Fort Collins, CO 80527

Steve Edwards - Queen Valley Mule Ranch, Inc
1855 W Running Deer, Queen Valley, AZ 85218

Tim Doud-John Lyons Certified Trainer
30 Road 6RT
Cody, WY 82414


Red's Saddle Mules
Red and Julie Wycoff
895 W. Running Bird Lane
Benson, AZ 85602


and Cindy K. Roberts

Thank you to everyone that has made this book from a dream into reality. ~Cindy K. Roberts
Job 12:7-10
"Ask the animals, and they will teach you."