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Books published by Every Cowgirl's Dream. Click on the book cover for  more info.

Mule Girl Shenanigans by Cindy K Roberts

Answers To Your Mule Questions
by Cindy K. Roberts

According To Hoyle - A Dictionary of the Old West

by Burle L. Brooks

Cinch Marks

by Burle Lee Brooks

Confidence Training For The Western Saddle Mule

by Cindy K. Roberts

How To Buy A Mule & Not Get Screwed 

by Cindy K Roberts

The Mule Behavior Problem Solver

by Cindy K Roberts

The Naked Truth About Mules & Donkeys 

by Cindy K Roberts 

Retraining the Hard-Mouth Mule
by Cindy K. Roberts

Training The Hard To Catch Mule
by Cindy K. Roberts

The Performance Bred Saddle Mule

Breeding of American Jackstock & Jennies

by Cindy K Roberts

The Desperados Cookbook & Guide To      Common Sense By Cindy K Roberts

Horse Sense: Some Not So Common Tips      by Burle Lee Brooks

Desperados of The Wagons West Expedition                by Cindy K Roberts

Mules, Coffee, & Oatmeal Cookies 

by Cindy K Roberts

Prairie Dust - Songs and Ballads From the Western Frontier by Burl L Brooks

The Queen Of Hearts Is Your Best Bet

by Cindy K Roberts

Life Lessons From A Rodeo Cowgirl 

Taking Life By The Horns

By Melissa Phillips & Cindy K Roberts 

Run Pony Run & Other Midnight Adventures On The Trail by Stacie Smith

Life Lessons In The Saddle & Around the Manure Pile by Cindy K Roberts

The Lone Horseman by Larry Sarver

My Journey Across America By Horseback

The Lone Horseman II by Larry Sarver

My Reflections of my Journey Across America by Horseback

Eagle's View Horsemanship

by Dennis & Cindy Cappel

Love Letters To Lillian A U.S. Cavalry Soldier's Correspondence to His Sweetheart by Cindy K Roberts 

American Unsung Heroes

by Cindy K Roberts

How To Overcome Negative Self-Talk

by Dennis Cappel

Condemnation - One Cowboy's Victory Through Christ by Dennis Cappel

Horse Trimming Made Simple by Dennis Cappel 

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