Know Where To Hang Your Hat – Status Is Everything

An interesting concept is status. Mules being as independent as they are, know where to hang their hat. They mingle, hang out, and move around in the paddock and pasture, to where it benefits them. They figure out herd dynamics quickly and make it all happen for them. For the mule, it’s all about him or her. Mules get this. They get the status thing and use it to their advantage. Dang! How cool is that?

So, where you hang your hat, is crucial for mental and physical health. So yes, status is everything.

Understandably, prolonged periods of feeling like you’re low status can thus lead to illness and depression. If your serotonin remains diminished for a long enough time, you’ll also become angry and may even feel the urge to violently lash out at others. This is not cool. You really need to take a time out and hang with the mules.

So, this status thing…unfortunately, there is a fair share of unscrupulous “business people” that muddy up a sector of the mule industry. This is nothing new, so watch yourself.

Just as you have an ingrained desire to seek status, others do too, and part of that drive is to connect with high-status people. As your confidence grows, your network of friends and peers will reflect as being positive growth. Remember, status isn’t just about looks or wealth, so this isn’t a purely superficial attraction. Both men and women want to befriend and partner with a guy who brings all kinds of valuable things to the table, whether that’s intelligence, wit, loyalty, or skill; everyone wants high status and hardworking people on their team.

And the mules; don’t want a deadhead on their team or a troublemaker. They go by their rules of conduct in the pasture and around the barn. Mules are good about the status thing. I admire mules that can detect dishonorable intentions faster than the stagecoach that left the depot.

Running an equine business is a challenge. Just remember, developing status leads you down the trail of success; to making new friends, finding romantic partners, and building a rich social network.

And that is why I like working with mules. They will teach you to look deep into your heart and soul; they will humble you and allow you to have a deeper understanding. That’s the deal breaker right there. I think I will hang my hat, right here.

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2024 Mule New Year’s Resolution

Here we are, let’s get at it! If you have questions, you know where to find me.

  1. Start an emergency mule fund. Keep tucking away extra cash for an emergency
    that may come up unexpectedly. Be smart about this, stuff happens, and as you know, you can’t bubblewrap your mules or donkeys.
  2. Clean out and organize your tack room. Use a broom to whisk away the cobwebs, wipe down your leather with conditioner, and cover your saddles/gear with a cover. Dust is destructive to leather.
  3. Focus on riding with a purpose. If you don’t have a purpose, what’s the point? That comes from a mule’s perspective. Not having a purpose develops boredom in the mule, horse, or donkey. Yes, I know you ride for therapy, to get away, to get mule time in, but remember, you’re the leader. Develop your partnership between yourself and your equine. In other words, don’t be a knucklehead. (wink)
  4. Create a plan for barn safety, such as eliminating fire hazards and loose boards. If you are a boarder, offer to help out and make a note of what is needed to keep the environment safe for your mule or horse. Contribute to a mule or donkey charity. And research the charity first to make sure they are credible. You’re doing good here, so keep moving on with the list!
  5. Contribute to a mule or donkey charity. And research the charity first to make sure they are credible. You’re doing good here, so keep moving on with the list!
  6. Build up your stamina and muscle by exercising 3-4 days a week. You don’t
    have to be a Ninja fighter; proper balance and controlling your moves will keep you in the game longer. Moving up and down stairs several times is the simplest and easiest way to develop your agility. My secret weapon is 5-pound weights. I do 25 repetitions of curls, and 10 repetitions of the overhead shoulder press. I will do 10 sets each day and it works for me.
  7. Read a mule/donkey book from a trainer or professional you look up to. If you
    want to be entertained while reading on your favorite subject, pick up one of my books, they’ve been grouch-tested! (wink)
  8. Attend a clinic either as an auditor or rider. There’s always something to be
    learned or shared with others. There are many podcasts and online clinics you can attend to suit your needs. So many choices!
  9. Stay positive and celebrate your progress. Surround yourself with friends and
    family that have a healthy outlook and support your dreams. This is all good stuff here, keep moving, you got this!
  10. Learn to refine your aids (seats, legs, hands, etc…) Remember those Ninja moves you are working on number five on this list? This will help you to be able to strengthen your body and sharpen your riding skills. I see so many riders with poor posture, riding slumped over in the saddle. One false move
    during a ride, and bam! You’re dumped!
  11. On those non-riding days, get involved with horse board games such as:
    The Fantasy Ranch board game allows you to build and manage your own dream stables. This ranching horse board game includes three different levels, making it great for people of all ages. Herd Your Horses is an exciting board game that lets you play from the rancher’s or horse’s perspective. Horse Sense is a board game that will test your own horse knowledge. Throughout the game, you will learn about horse care, health, breeds, and riding. With over 200 hundred horse fact questions, your horse skills will be put to the test. This board game allows you to expand your horse knowledge while testing you on what you know. Gallop Home board game will put your equestrian skills to the test with this intricate board game. Players can try their hand as a horse trainer, with a full range and variety of skills to choose from. Horse Bingo board game, no matter your age, Bingo is something that you can enjoy playing. This rendition of Bingo takes it to the next level by incorporating horses into the game.
  12. Keep a journal. Record or document your rides. Keep a record of time spent with
    your mule. I go back and read the journals I have kept over the years; it is enlightening to me, humorous, and so rewarding!
  13. Here we are, the final round…make this a routine before your turn-in every night: Always check on the herd, say your prayers, and stay true to yourself. You’re worth it and we have a job to do. Remember, I’m counting on you.

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