The Performance Bred Saddle Mule

Breeding of American Jackstock & Jennies

Introduction by Meredith Hodges, of the Lucky Three Ranch, Loveland, Colorado. Includes breeding contracts. Inaccuracies on breeding defined.

This book is dedicated to breeders, exhibitors, and the donkey and mule owners who strive for a better-performance breeding program that will favorably dominate the mule world.


In conclusion: educating the equine breeding industry is our responsibility to ensure a better future for the all-around saddle mule. In short, mules with good minds make safer mounts and mules with excellent conformation will stay in service longer as compared to those that are weak or lacking. This means, the mule will have a much better future to be in service. It is also critical to document and register the jack sires in the industry.

Overbreeding is not desirable; those dedicated to the professional mule industry are careful about their breeding standards. Mules destined for the kill pen is not a pretty picture.

The future for the performance-bred saddle mule is in our hands; the overwhelming support coming from the mule world is phenomenal! Let’s work together and keep it going! ~Cindy K. Roberts

Available in full color 8 1/2 x 11 perfect bound and instant download from Amazon books: The Performance Bred Saddle Mule: Breeding of American Jackstock & Jennies (Color Copy): Roberts, Cindy K, Hodges, Meredith: 9781796601664: Books

Author: Cindy K Roberts

Cindy K. Roberts has a lifetime experience with training horses and mules; riding the family pony at age 2 was the beginning. Her grandfather, Lieutenant Wilton Willmann a sharpshooter and muleskinner of the U.S. Army Cavalry (stationed in Fort Riley, Camp Perry, Fort Leavenworth circa 1924) gifted her with the insight on mules; and the desire to study and work with them. Shooting firearms and working with horses and mules was desired and expected in the family. Cindy is host of Mule Talk! The podcast about mules. She enjoys the western way of life, educating new mule owners in working with their own mules, hosting mule events, and documenting her own adventures in keeping the cowgirl spirit alive.


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